Stefano Bernardin rises “as in the days of the emperor.”

Mossy cliffs, montane forests and valleys. Court actor Johann Anton Friedrich Reil talked about it in his hiking guide to the Waldviertel in 1823. 200 years later, actor Stefano Bernardin is now following the same path.

In an episode of the ORF series “Land der Berge”, the actor known from the TV shows Inspector Rex and Schlosshotel Orth talks to different people from the Waldviertel. The so-called “walk movie” is the work of directors Ulli Aris and Wilfried Reichel.

The shooting took place last summer. “The first day of shooting it was sweltering hot, and then it rained for several days,” says Bernardin. “But it was really exciting because it was completely different from what I usually do and as the shoot progressed I was drawn more and more into the story.” We visited Altenburg Abbey, Zwettl, Weitra, Kamptal and Thayatal.

Forests and castles

“Happy voices attracted me,” the court actor wrote at the time. Even today you meet different personalities. For example, Stefano Bernardo, Director of Forestry Herbert Schmidt, wanted to make the forest more climate-friendly to reduce costs with the help of bird species and squirrels.

Countess Elisabeth Kufstein today explained why she deliberately decided not to illuminate the beautiful Grellenstein Castle. Bats live in the castle tower and uninterrupted darkness is important to them.

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Anna Klaffl, a young shepherdess, welcomes him to the camp with an old goat and horses. Art historian Andreas Gemirit talks about the “talking cross”. “Unfortunately we had to cut back on some of the hotter conversations,” says Bernardin. The TV premiere happened yesterday, but the film can be seen today (2:20 pm, ORF III), April 25 (8:40 am, ORF III) and April 27 (6:35 pm, ORF II). .

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The actor is already back “in town” with two own productions: a “Hamlet One Man Show” and the cabaret “Until One Webs”.

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