Study: Blood test could revolutionize Alzheimer's diagnosis

The focus was on one thing Protein names p-tau217, that Biomarker Alzheimer's disease is known for the changes in the brain associated with it. This protein is therefore particularly important in disease diagnosis.

p-tau217 plays Exchange of messenger goods It plays an important role in stabilizing the transport pathway between cells. This transfer pathway does not work because the protein e.g. For example, if too much phosphorus is absorbed, the transport pathway breaks down and the cell dies. p-tau217 is then considered a species A waste product of the cell Can be transported later Found in the spinal cord Aug.

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Blood tests are not yet widely available

However, special blood tests are required Generally not available, which are primarily used for research purposes. team around Nicholas Ashton He examined an existing test in a research area called ALZpath from the University of Gothenburg. p-tau217 protein was measured in blood can be It will soon be commercially available in clinics like Ashton CNN Health said.

Data from nearly 800 people were used

For the study, the researchers studied Data from various studies In the United States, Canada, and Spain, there were a total of 786 people with and without cognitive impairment.

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In all three studies, patients had one Lumbar puncturen or an amyloid PET scan is done to look for signs of amyloid and tau proteins — hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease. After The team compared the results ALZpath with blood test results.

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So the spinal cord is in motion tau values These values ​​in the brain and spinal cord were studied because they have long been known to be associated with Alzheimer's disease. soon officer.

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The results were surprisingly accurate

80 % People can By blood test Without further investigation of course detected “, Ashton says. Their study showed that the blood test was more accurate than other established tests and diagnostic tools like pelvic punctures. Not lower. He cites more than that Guardian Authors: A blood test is important in detecting signs of Alzheimer's disease Even better rather than an assessment of brain damage.

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Ashton even believes in testing Also widely used Can be used to rule out other dementias.

Further research is needed

The results also suggest that Follow-up exams To determine the diagnosis Not necessary May be. “This will significantly speed up the diagnostic process in the future,” emphasizes study author Ashton. However, he insisted on this Further research is needed Be. “We have to More investigations “We need to understand how useful these blood tests are for all Alzheimer's patients in different communities,” he said.

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