T.NIGHT: “Welcome Austria” with Christina Sturmer and El Hatzo on ORF 1 on March 12

Later: “Praeterstern” and “Good Night Austria”

Vienna (OTS) With humorous highlights from TV, politics and newspapers, “Welcome Austria” starts on Tuesday March 12, 2024 at 10pm on ORF 1 – and from 8pm on on.ORF.at and on the TVthek app – in DIE .NIGHT . Stermann and Grissemann then welcome their talk guests El Hotzo and Christina Streiter, Maschek once again delivers sound memes about daily politics, and “Die Tuesday Night Chapel” inspires with Christina Sturmer and the final number “Half a Life.” At 11 p.m., the “Praitor Stars” will shine as Hosea Rothschiller welcomes Kunkl, Manuel Thalhammer, Malarina and Fussmann to the Vienna Fluke's stand-up stage. At 11.30pm there will be “Good Night Austria” Tagabo.

“Welcome Austria” with Stermann & Grismann at 10 p.m.:

Christina Sturmer has been a star of the German-speaking pop scene for 20 years. Last year he made music history and was the first German-speaking musician to record a “MTV Unplugged” concert at the Vienna Volkstheater, which will be shown on ORF 1 on Friday, March 15 at 10:30 p.m. Now follows a tour and live album of the same name. The Upper Austrian chats with the “Welcome Austria” presenters about his first shows after his long concert break and everyday life as a pop star with two kids.

Sebastian Hatz writes stories in the broadest sense as El Hatzo, known through Instagram and posts on Instagram. With his first novel “Mindset”, Sebastian Hotz dedicated himself to the literary genre and published a wonderful book about youth in the 21st century. The talk will show what Sterman and Grisman can do in the digital world of the younger generation.

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“Brotherstern” at 11 p.m.

Host Hosea Ratschiller has once again invited a diverse group of colleagues to Vienna's Flu: Gunkl opens the evening with interesting findings: men's ear hair suggests fertility is not far off. Upper Austrian Manuel Thalhammer first made a plea for kitchen machines, then his first eulogy. Malerina, a Tyrolean with Serbian roots, is pessimistic about the political situation in our country and misses Ibiza pop star HC Strachey. Fussman might as well be a pop star — but he doesn't want to. He closes the evening with the hit “I'm Dreaming of the Sea.”

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