The Turks knocked the Czechs out of the tournament and now face Austria

Turkey has entered the round of 16 duel with Austria at the European Football Championship in Germany. Captain Vincenzo Montella’s side finished second in Pool F behind Portugal after a 2-1 win over the Czech Republic at the end of the group stage in Hamburg on Wednesday. For the Portuguese, a 2-0 defeat against the promoted Georgians was meaningless. Austria and Turkey meet in Leipzig on Tuesday (9pm).

It will be a new test match in preparation for the European Championship, which ÖFB won 6-1 in Vienna. Samed Akaydin and Hakan Kalhanoglu have both received their second yellow cards of the tournament, good for Austria, so look forward to the round of 16. Calhanoglu (51st) and “Joker” Cenk Tosun (94th) scored at the Volksparkstadion to take second place to young star Arta Guler and co. Tomas Sucek (66th) did not score a goal for the long-delayed Czechs.

The Czechs, playing a major tournament without Patrik Schick in the starting line-up for the first time since last year’s European Championship group stage in 2016, were denied by Lukas Provot goalie Mert Kunoc (3rd); ) On the other hand, Güler, who was again called from the start this time, created the first chance, but it was on target (13th). Something similar happened when Czech Republic’s Robin Hranak (17th) scored a header. From the 20th minute onwards, the Turks produced a power play as Antonin Barak was shown a traffic light card for repeated fouls.

Excitement after the final whistle

Even when they were outnumbered, the Czechs were compact, closing gaps and giving the Turks only a handful of chances. In the 39th minute, a yellow-red card kept the Turks from receiving two yellow cards in a very short period of time for using an elbow. Just before the break, Czech Republic’s David Jurasek tested the Turkish goalkeeper with a shot from a tight angle (45′).

Immediately after the restart, Jindrich Stanek had to parry a Yilmaz shot (46th) and he injured his shoulder during another brilliant save on a Yildis shot (51st). After this save, the ball continued to play and the Czechs couldn’t quite clear it and Calhanoglu hit the far corner with his full instep. Güler should have added more, but didn’t hit the ball well after Yilmaz’s cross (65′). It retaliated. Sucek took home five points after an aerial battle and a missed chance between Tomasz Sori and Kunoc.

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As a result, the Czechs were suddenly only one goal away from promotion, and the Turks had to shudder, as if they had conceded a goal they would have been relegated. However, the Turks came a goal closer, missing the winning goal on a chance by Oke Yogüşlu (87th). In stoppage time, Dawson made it all clear with a combination of two substitutes. After the final whistle, some players got into a scuffle and Sorey was shown a red card. In contrast to 2016 and 2021, the Turks once again survived the European Championship group stage.

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