Three double winners at the 24th Amadeus Awards

“Hubert von Goisern musically united his homeland with the foreigners,” van der Bellen praised the artist. All the concerts he attended were “a real enrichment”. The Federal President expressed confidence that “the revelation is not entirely correct, but it is a temporary life's work award.” “What an honor,” insisted Van Goisern, looking forward to the evening. “I like to say that music, the realm of music, the ocean of music, where no visas are required, no borders, no blocked refugee routes, everyone can come. There are no restrictions and restrictions.” The artist sent thanks to Vienna: “I've always felt comfortable here, and I still do.”

RAF Camora received the prestigious award for “Album of the Year” with “XV”. The rapper, who continues to break new records on Spotify, also won in the “Hip-Hop/Urban” category. The rapper was unable to attend the gala due to health issues and was represented by his best friend rapper Pirelli. He accepted the award for the RAF Camorra from an international guest, Evil Jared David Hasselhoff of the Bloodhound gang. “We currently have two leading players injured, David Alaba and RAF Camorra,” Pirelli said. “David, we need you at this European Championship!” And: “I've known the RAF for 25 years, he's my brother. Setbacks like this make him stronger. I'm sure he'll come back this time.” The RAF Camora was then contacted – via voicemail – and informed that “it was not a given” to “win two Amadeus awards”. “. His thanks went primarily to the fans.

Wanda Delivers Best Song: The rock band, whose new album “And You” will be released in early June, wowed the jury and audience with “Nobody Else” and was voted “Live Act of the Year”. “We're deeply honored, a little speechless, and that means something to us,” singer Marco Wanda said via video. The band is currently on tour.

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Rapper Bibiza, who went into the evening with five chances to win (he was nominated for the already announced FM4 award for the sixth time this year), received the prize for “Songwriter of the Year” (“An Ode to Vienna”) and “Best Sound” (for his album “Weener Schickeria” ). The 26-year-old got the show's laughs with her “thank you.” He wanted to fulfill a dream, he said, pulling out a pink hip flask, filling his prize with schnapps, and taking a long drink from it. Earlier, he encouraged his colleagues. “Don't spoil your fun while making music” and a wink: “If you need lyrics, come to me.”

The multi-nominated band My Ugly Clementine won in the “alternative” category, while the rest had a harder sound (“Hard & Heavy”). Salzburg DJ Tobi Romeo managed to win among the nominees for “Electronic/Dance”. He received his first Amadeus, joy was written on his face: he thanked his parents for supporting him every day. “The boy has become something.” Moulton, Seiler & Women's Band won in the “Jazz/World/Blues” category. Speaking of Christopher Seiler: Strictly speaking, he's one of the two-time winners, as he's also part of the trio Odd of Arta, which can now call the “pop/rock” prize its own – and they're also on tour. And there was only a short video message at the Volkstheater.

There was no way around Melissa Naschenweng, who was thrilled to receive the “Schlager/Country Music” trophy for the fifth time in a row. “We are together and nothing can separate us,” he said with a wide smile towards the trophy. The singer thanked “the mountain farming family over there” and announced a new song and a tour. “The next year and a half is going to be glorious,” he assured his fans.

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Two awards were already known in advance: Upper Austrian rock band Bipolar Feminin, who released their acclaimed debut album “A Fragile System” nearly a year ago, won the FM4 award. A local legend has been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award as Hubert von Goisern has been an integral part of the Austrian music scene for more than 30 years, making his mark beyond the country's borders with songs that oscillate between world music and rock. and traditional elements.

The event, broadcast by ORF, proved one thing for sure: the local music scene is alive and well. A large number of samples were heard from across the stylistic spectrum of red-white-red pop and rock music.

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