US President's son Hunter Biden makes a surprise appearance…

Hunter Biden walked into a committee meeting of the House Oversight Committee and took a front row seat. The group wants to charge Hunter Biden with contempt of Congress

The sudden appearance of US President Hunter Biden in the House of Representatives caused great anger among Republicans. The 53-year-old appeared unannounced on Wednesday during an opening statement at the control group's public meeting – and sat in the front row with his lawyer.

The group wants to charge Hunter Biden with contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena for a closed-door hearing in the criminal investigation against his father, US President Joe Biden. His unexpected appearance caused confusing scenes. Many Republicans were outraged by Hunter Biden's appearance, and two MPs called him a coward. The group leader sometimes struggled to restore order to the meeting.

Biden called for a public hearing

Hunter Biden, who faces charges including possible tax felony charges, declined to testify before the panel behind closed doors, but offered to testify at a public hearing late last year. The president's son and his lawyers argued that Republicans could selectively reproduce what was said in the protected space and that Hunter Biden's statements could be manipulated in this way. So he insisted on testifying only in public.

Many Republicans associate Hunter Biden's business with the President of the United States. Republicans in the chamber are leading investigations into possible impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden. They accuse the Democrat of abusing his public office for the financial benefit of his family. However, they have yet to provide clear evidence of serious misconduct. It is questionable whether the investigation will actually result in impeachment proceedings.

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Biden sat in the front row with his lawyer.Imago / Jack Gruber

The House Judiciary Committee and the House Judiciary Committee each want to vote on whether Hunter Biden should be impeached for contempt of Congress. The full House of Representatives must decide whether to recommend a criminal case. The decision on possible charges based on the allegations ultimately rests with the Ministry of Justice. (APA/dpa)

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