Vienna-Mariahilfe: Large-scale fire brigade action, apparently many injured

There was a large-scale operation near Vienna’s Naschmarkt.

In a multi-story apartment building built in 1888 Left Wiensiel in Vienna-Mariahilf Thursday afternoon there was a fire, As a result blue lights were used more and more. According to preliminary reports, several people have been injured. The Vienna Fire Department used a turntable ladder to rescue some people from the smoke-filled building across from Nashmark. The fire was put out before 6 pm.

Widespread house fire

According to fire department spokesman Martin Hofbauer, it is one vast house fire, Due to this there was heavy smoke in the staircase. The fire was extinguished using multiple hoses from different attack points. In the evening, the professional fire brigade was still busy with extinguishing the fire, safety measures and clarifying the source of the fire.

Emergency calls from passers-by

The operation began in a very confusing way for emergency services agencies. “Countless ads have been received,” Hofbauer told APA. It’s not just affected residents calling for help. Passersby and onlookers made emergency calls to Nashmark across the street to report the fire.

Countess from Nashmark

The tenement house in question at Linke Wienzeile 12-14 was built in 1888 by Ludwig Zatzka. They are actually two independent semi-detached houses with their own entrances. The restaurant operated in part of the building on the ground floor until it closed a few years ago “The Countess from Nashmark” established.

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