Vienna Stock Exchange Returns to Record Results in 2023 • Vienna Stock Exchange

  • Consolidated Financial Statements 2023: Sales EUR 78.9 million, EGT EUR 47.9 million
  • Business diversification creates a strong strategic foundation
  • Capital market is a useful tool for green transition

(Vienna) Successful diversification of business activities helped Wiener Börse AG achieve good results in 2023 despite sluggish overall trading activity in the European capital market. Due to strong selling focus in the bond sector, the year-on-year sales for bonds declined. Market segment Austriacard HOLDINGS AG and EuroTeleSites AG and in the direct market RWT AG and SMEs. Last year, a new trading member, Barclays Bank Ireland plc, was added, and this year, another international company, Jump Trading Europe BV, was approved to trade in Vienna.

“Despite limited trading activity across Europe, we have been able to maintain the record results of previous years. This shows that we have done our homework in recent years and positioned our business to be broadly successful. In business areas where we can directly influence – securities, data sales, Prague and IT services The police business – our strategy has been a clear success,” says Christoph Bossen, CEO of Wiener Porsche AG.

Heimo Scheuch, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Vienna Stock Exchange and CEO of Wienerberger AG, points to the continuing high growth prospects of the Vienna Stock Exchange: “One in four people in Austria already own bonds. However, the capital market’s potential is not exhausted; a further 1.6 million people are interested in investing in bonds. .Austrian households have around 330 billion euros of cash or low-interest deposits. Politicians need to follow suit and create incentives to raise more private capital.”

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Balance sheet and review 2023: Lower trade sales offset

FY2023 was characterized by geopolitical uncertainties and high interest and inflation levels. After EUR 87 billion in 2022, the stock market group’s share turnover fell to EUR 66 billion (Vienna: EUR 54 billion, Prague: EUR 12 billion). However, despite the low trading volume, the group’s revenue in 2023 was EUR 78.9 million. Higher level than the previous year (2022: EUR 80.0 million). This is due to the successful development of other business areas of the exchange group, with revenues from the Central Securities Depository (CST) Prague, which is responsible for the securities business in the Czech Republic. Earnings before taxes (EGT) achieved in 2023 were strong at EUR 47.9 million (2022: EUR 47.3 million). Equity increased to EUR 177.9 million (2022: EUR 170.0 million), and the 2023 surplus of EUR 36.4 million was at the good level of the previous year (2022: EUR 36.5 million). By the end of December 2023, Stock Exchange Group employed 165 employees (full-time equivalents).

Green investments are popular

The Vienna Stock Exchange is increasing its focus in the area of ​​sustainable investment opportunities and actively supporting the transition towards a green economy. It has been part of the “Sustainable Stock Markets Initiative” since 2020 and is voluntarily committed to promoting long-term and sustainable investments and exposing ESG key figures in dialogue with investors, companies and supervisory authorities.

The Vienna ESG division, specially designed for sustainable bonds, continues to experience growth: last year, it surpassed the 100 mark of listed bonds, with a turnover of more than EUR 27 billion in the economy. The Vienna Stock Exchange supports issuers with guidelines for non-financial reporting, including specific requirements and regulatory requirements. In addition, the company’s performance in the ESG area is highlighted with active communication activities. In this regard, large ATX companies are often listed as “best in class” in their fields by leading rating agencies. Nevertheless, there is still a call for greater use of the capital market for the green transition and other key societal challenges.

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Outlook: Promising start in 2024, ATX TR hits new all-time high

The Vienna Stock Exchange has had a tailwind so far in 2024 and can look back on its best start to the year in the bond sector with 4,967 (as of May 21, 2024) new listings. The Vienna MTF has now established itself as Europe’s most active securities listing venue in the regulated segment of the stock exchange. A change in trading practice for Austrian federal bonds in the sense of continuous auctions, meaning they can be traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange throughout the day, also has a positive impact on sales. In terms of new equity issues, analysts see a more positive market environment and potential boost for European equity markets due to falling inflation rates and an expected trend in key interest rates. ATX Total Earnings, like Germany’s leading index DAX, which includes dividends, increased its previous all-time high since February 9, 2022 (8,251.98) in 2024 (most recently on May 21). 2024 with 8,566.58 points).

“Austrian stocks are attractive to investors due to their favorable valuations and traditionally high dividend yields. However, overall, the capital market needs to be strengthened at the national and European level. We are increasingly losing ground in global competition, especially compared to the US. To remain competitive, we need substantial liquidity pools for equity financing. The demand can only be filled by expanding company and private pension provision,” Boschan demands.

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About the Vienna Stock Exchange

As the region’s central infrastructure provider, Wiener Porsche AG opens doors to global markets. It operates the Vienna and Prague stock exchanges. Listed companies benefit from maximum liquidity there and as a market leader it offers investors faster and cheaper trading. The Vienna Stock Exchange collects and distributes price data and calculates the most important indices for over a dozen markets in the region. National stock exchanges in Budapest, Ljubljana and Zagreb also rely on the IT services of the Vienna Stock Exchange. It is also involved in other energy exchanges and house cleaning in the region.

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