Wallbox is cool with Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR Hybrid looks sporty on the outside, but inspires economy. Full mixing in the SN test.

If you need an example that not all SUVs are created equal, the new C-HR is the perfect candidate.

First, there is the appearance of the 4.36-meter-long Japanese car, which has been available at its second-generation dealers since the beginning of the year: it is distinguished by all its edges, wedge-shaped LED light clips and black. Contrasts in sills, roof, mirrors and aprons have maximum design uniformity from the competition. And it benefits aerodynamics in a clever way, which brings us to the C-HR's real core issue: performance.

Toyota C-HR Hybrid and Performance

When it comes to full hybrids – that is, part-time electrics that cannot be charged directly via a charging cable – Toyota has 25 years of experience. And this has flowed directly into the fifth generation of drivetrain. A 152 hp four-cylinder petrol engine works here with a 111 hp three-phase synchronous motor. The bottom line is that the system output is 197 hp, which is sent to all four wheels using a continuously variable transmission.

The battery is exclusively charged by recovery. It sounds complicated, and in detail it is. As a driver, you notice very little of it – that was the goal of Toyota engineers.

Ultimately, a full hybrid is as economical as a modern diesel and offers a quieter cruising option that you'll get used to quickly and easily. Because the C-HR acknowledges brisk acceleration with an unwilling scream. But why stress when you can be so energetic even when you stand still?

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On Test: Toyota C-HR Hybrid

Compact SUV, full hybrid with 145 kW/197 hp, all-wheel drive, E-CVT transmission. Weight 2015 kg, trunk 364 l, WLTP consumption 5.1 l (115 g CO₂/km), in test: 6.4 l, price: 48,490 euros, test car: 49,482 euros.

What we love about the Toyota C-HR Hybrid: Economic motivation.

What you don't like about the Toyota C-HR Hybrid: Price: The entry-level model costs about the same as the top model of 2017 today.

What's surprising about the Toyota C-HR Hybrid: Perfect for families despite its small exterior dimensions.

Toyota C-HR Hybrid is suitable for: Hybrid drivers without their own wallbox.

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