Wiener Linien has more regular customers

Last year the number of regular customers and passengers was more than 790 million.

die Wiener lines This year they are investing 864 million euros in expansion and modernization Public transport. Last year brought one “despite the challenging situation due to lack of staff”. Register According to the 2023 balance sheet released on Monday, the number of regular customers is about 1.2 million.

The total number of passengers continues to rise, but at 792 million it is still below the pre-corona level.

A trend from 2015 continues in Vienna: there are more people with annual passes or other season tickets than cars in Vienna. Collectively, Vienna's subways, trams and buses covered 77 million kilometers with low emissions last year. It allowed him to circle the earth five times.

From September 2023 onwards, the gaps have thickened again

“In order to ensure that what is on offer in Vienna is very good, I have commissioned Wiener Linnion with a comprehensive 5-point plan for staff recruitment, which is being successfully implemented,” said responsible city councilor Peter Hanke (SP). A recruitment drive was launched in 2023 to shed the current workforce of about 8,700 employees, while salaries, allowances and bonuses were increased.

After timetables were temporarily reduced to achieve greater reliability, denser intervals resumed from September. According to Wiener Linnion, in the medium run, work is done to reduce working hours while maintaining the same wages.

The current focus on recruitment is on staffing the workshops, it said. This year, Wiener Linnen is investing 864 million euros in the expansion and modernization of the network and the purchase of new vehicles and the implementation of mobility plans. 2024 is expected to bring the U2 back into operation from Karlsplatz and convert other lines to electric buses.

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