“We never would have achieved this alone”

For many media companies, Xpublisher has long become an important part of publishing their content across various channels. As a leading provider of multichannel publishing, the company, founded in 2011, offers software products for the creation, management and automated publication of digital and print financial and sustainability reports, journals, books and documents.

Launching a start-up based on an innovative idea is an impressive feat, but true mastery emerges in scaling a young company—a process that goes beyond the initial establishment. It requires the ability of the entrepreneur to guide the start-up through the growth stages and shape it into an established, strong company. For Xpublisher GmbH, headquartered in Munich, Fabasoft's entry as a strategic partner was a game changer. Matthias KrauseThe Co-Founder and Managing Director provides insights into the success story and talks about the benefits he and his team have experienced from being part of the Fabasoft Group.

A fascination with IT Kraus grew up in his youth. After training as an IT clerk and gaining initial work experience, he decided to become self-employed. As an IT consultant, Krause worked for many years in the fields of process optimization, automation and web development for SMEs and private individuals. He observed that organizations such as publishers, associations and industry organizations are increasingly releasing content across multiple channels. Due to the digital transformation, magazines and catalogs no longer appear only as printed copies, but also as e-publications on social media, apps and websites. Krause discovered a gap in the market: “There was a lack of a powerful tool that could reuse generated content, meaning it could be displayed efficiently and automatically across multiple platforms,” ​​he says. With this innovative business idea in the field of multichannel publishing, Kraus founded Xpublisher GmbH in 2011 together with his former colleague Thomas Versmirzowski. Versmirzowski took over development and programming, while Krause used his hands-on experience in network and IT to get customers and orders. Instead of increasing profits quickly, they focused on product development. “Back then, we could have made it easier to provide services and make a lot of money relatively quickly. But we wanted to create our own, innovative products,” explains Krause. Surprisingly, these initially found more demand in the United States than in Germany. Xpublisher secured a contract with the Executive Office of the President of the United States. completed and opened a local office.” Funding our ambitious goals was the biggest challenge. For a long time we tried to do this on our own. “With a workforce of over 20 employees, we realized we needed more economic stability and predictability going forward,” says Krause.

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Realizing that a pure financial investor would not be enough, the founders actively sought a strategic partner. This move will not only provide financial support but also lay the foundation for further growth and fulfillment of their ambitious goals. “Knowledge, contacts and support for structure and process organization, recruitment, certifications and of course acquiring clients are decisive factors,” says Krause.

A listed one Software manufacturer and cloud service provider Fabasoft from Linz was selected from a total of four applicants as “a strong, leading brand well-known in our target markets”. In 2019, Fabasoft acquired a majority stake in Xpublisher as a strategic partner. Founded in 1988, the company is one of the leading software manufacturers and cloud service providers for digital document, process and file management in Europe. In the 2022/23 financial year, Fabasoft achieved sales of €69.2 million. “Since then, we've worked together as equals, dealing openly with each other and seeing the company's success as our shared mission,” Krause continued. The goal is clearly defined: “With our products Xpublisher and Xeditor, we strive for market leadership in multi-channel publishing.” To achieve this pioneering role, sustainable growth is required. “We were able to achieve a significant increase in sales because, among other things, we redeveloped our software in the PROCECO ecosystem based on the widely certified Fabasoft cloud. We would never have achieved this on our own,” says Krause. In the PROCECO ecosystem, Fabasoft integrates powerful digital solutions for document-intensive business processes. When companies use the expertise and infrastructure of a strong partner in a network aimed at creating shared value, it is called a business environment (similar to an ecosystem in nature, which only works well if individual organisms benefit from the common ground and must be with each other).

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Krause insisted Decisive competitive advantages arise from diverse, integrated solutions and complementary resources. According to him, these features create an environment where all partners can benefit and work together successfully.

In retrospect, Cross would have liked to have entered the partnership earlier. One of his key pieces of advice: “Don't wait too long to make a strategic investment!”

die Xpublisher GmbH Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Munich. The company operates a subsidiary in the US and has been part of the Fabasoft Group since 2019.

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