What Really Happened to Amazon Supermarkets?

Amazon's vision is a supermarket where you can pick up items from the shelves and leave without queuing at the checkout. “Go” – and “new” – stores. When you check in, use the app to check in, Cameras And Sensors Automatically recognizes the products in the shopping bag. You will then be charged through your Amazon account.

The first Amazon Go store opened in December 2016 in Seattle. However, Amazon's supermarket idea hasn't really taken off since then: seven years later, there are only 87 branches, most of them in major US cities. But there are places in Great Britain too. However, in London, it had to close again after 3 2 years. 2023 Closed 8 branches in USA. The online retailer seems to be struggling with its offline stores.

New tests and competitors

Badly chosen PlacesHarte Competition and may be due to expensive technical equipment. The internet company is now testing it in its US stores Furniture and color palettes – equipment perceived by customers as too sterile and technical. Many stores now have human cashiers or self-service checkouts again.

Competition never sleeps: Sustainable retail began with similar stores. In neighboring Germany, there is the Rev Group “Take away” – shops. They are already in Munich, Cologne, Berlin and Düsseldorf. Technically, the stores work just like Amazon stores: log in, select and navigate.

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