Why is it almost impossible to make a blue LED light?

What does a blue light do? It glows blue, Rambo fans will say like a shot (in case you didn't know: Here is part of the film) but it is not so easy when the light source is single Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Actions. These do not acquire colors through color coating. They directly emit light frequency, which makes them appear in color.

die LED Created in 1962, followed by 1969 Green LED. However, the color palette lacks blue. First of all 1993 The Japanese won Shuji NakamuraFirstly Blue LED to produce. It was with this invention that the success of LEDs began. Here you can see why it is so difficult to make blue LED light:

For his invention, Nakamura received a bonus from his employer. 150 Euro. In 2001, she sued for what she said was improper compensation and was awarded an equivalent amount. 6 million euros. In 2014, he and two other researchers from Japan were awarded the award Nobel Prize in Physics The best.

This is how Apple imagined the future

An artificial intelligence in the home that communicates with residents via voice, mini holograms and a $20 billion company – the future looked bright at Apple. In one Video from 1987 Internal profile of the company What life will be like 10 years from Apple User Group Connection

Back then, people never thought that Apple would go bankrupt in 1997. Apple made over a trillion dollars in 2019 – so 1,000 billion – It should be worth it, probably not.

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Can sand flow upwards?

Lehigh University researchers have found a way to make sand flow upward. To do this, you need particles Iron oxide coated and controlled by a magnet. Anyone who thinks that particles are simply attracted by magnetism and set in motion is wrong. Instead, the magnet lies beneath the particle and rotates. Sand particles take this up torque And they spin strongly enough to move against gravity.

Researchers have been finding bird species that have been missing since 1882

die Black-headed Ferguson Pheasant Pigeon It was last captured in 1882 and was thought to be extinct until it was caught on camera in September 2022. The discovery made international headlines. However, this is also interesting Researchers' reaction, who discovered the animal in the New Guinea jungle. The passion they have for their work is evident in the video.

This drone flaps its wings

A Drones that look like birds, research is already underway. Stealth aircraft can be used for reconnaissance purposes and wildlife monitoring. Until now, however, imitating the flapping of an animal's wings has been a challenge.

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But mini drones are already popular Flutters in the wind can keep Here's how they work:

Black holes are extremely small, having billions of solar masses

Not enough? When you went online last week, you could see, among other things, how small it was Black holes There really are.

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