You can see the Northern Lights almost anywhere in Austria

For the first time in eleven years, the Northern Lights were seen in the Austrian night sky. We have collected the most impressive images from all corners of the country. The Northern Lights are visible on Sunday night as well.

Austria In 2003, the United States Meteorological and Oceanic Administration (NOAA) recorded an intense solar storm. On the night of May 11, this was repeated on Earth. The fifth and highest magnitude eruption took the form of the northern lights in central Europe.

The natural scenery can be found in many parts of Austria. For example, in Vienna, many people shared pictures of their nighttime observations on social media:

The northern lights of Vienna were so beautiful

16 times larger than Earth

A sunspot cluster 16 times the diameter of Earth is the origin of at least four solar storms in recent days. If the weather is good, NOAA expects the northern lights to be visible Saturday through Sunday night:

The Northern Lights can be seen in Burgenland

“Most visitors have never seen such spectacular northern lights in Austria before,” Michael Jäger, head of the Lower Austrian Astronomical Center in Martinsberg, told APA. Solar storms caused pink-green night skies until after midnight, as you can see in the following images from Upper Austria:

The northern lights lit up the sky

You can also enjoy the colorful play of light in Tyrol

The northern lights shone in the Tyrolean night sky

Green lights are less common

“The Northern Lights activity continued throughout the night with fluctuations in intensity,” confirms Erwin Philemon, head of the Salzburg Observatory Astronomy Working Group at the Kahberg Observatory.

“In addition to the red aurora streaks that are often seen at our latitudes, rare green aurora events can also be observed,” Philemon continues. In the Tyrolean market town of St. Johann, a snapshot of the green light was also achieved:

Northern Lights over St. Johann on Saturday night

A second chance

The northern lights will also be visible on Sunday night, although the sky will not be as clear as last night. The Aurora Borealis is better seen with a cell phone or other camera than with the naked eye. Strong colors are often only visible in their familiar form with long exposures during photography. To increase your chances of seeing this view, choose a dark spot with a clear view to the north.

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, it will be cloudy at times in Styria and Carinthia, so the conditions will be a little worse here, but on Monday night the conditions will be perfect again in the eastern part of Austria.

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Northern Lights can also be seen in Styria

The northern lights lit up the sky

That is why the northern lights are not visible over Carinthia

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