YouTuber shows off 3D printing of 3D model created by free AI

Die AI-Software CSM Making it possible to create highly detailed 3D models from ordinary 2D images, which can then be directly 3D printed. YouTuber proves this Architec In a new video.

Over the past few weeks we have repeatedly reported on AI tools that create 3D models from 2D images or text descriptions. One of these tools is CSM. YouTuber tested the Architech tool.

According to ArchiTECH, AI uses simple images as input to calculate accurate 3D versions. The software analyzes the image information and initially creates models of objects from different perspectives. Samples may be refined in several stages until the desired level of detail is achieved.

As the YouTuber shows in his video, sometimes the results are surprisingly good. Even sculptures and other complex objects are modeled amazingly realistically by AI software. The STL files can then be imported into conventional slicer programs and prepared for 3D printing.

According to ArchiTECH, CSM is best suited for flat objects such as sculptures or architectural details because the source image already provides all the necessary information. However, with more complex structures such as vehicles, the software quickly reaches its limits.

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