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| 13.02.2024

Business, political and cultural figures danced at the Rudolfina Redoubt in the Vienna Hofburg.

More than 4,000 spectators at the 125th anniversary of the Rudolfina Redoute ensured that the Vienna Hofburg was completely sold out for weeks. The title “Vienna's most beautiful mask” went to France this year. Silvia Schneider and Thomas Kraml hosted the evening.

Austria's largest masquerade ball

The Rudolfina Redoubt is Austria's oldest and largest masked redoubt. Its origins date back to 1899, and Vienna's ball scene had many more iterations. Since 1899, the female gender has ruled the Rudolphina Redoubt, as asking men to dance until midnight is reserved for masked women. “Rudolfina Reddout is the jewel of the Viennese ball culture, which shines for 125 years. But it is not just a ball. It is an expression of our culture and a symbiosis of tradition and modernity. The masks, the choice of women. , the music, the atmosphere… To be part of this 125-year tradition, My team and I are grateful to be able to share it with so many people,” says Oliver Hodl, father of the ball.

Voted “Vienna's most beautiful mask”.

Opera singer Bernarda Bobro, tenor Jörg Schneider, baritone Sokolin Aslani and soprano Yasmin Özkan provided a splendid opening. A highlight of 125 years is the unveiling of the quadrilateral at midnight, where women reveal their identity. This is where the decision for the “Most Beautiful Mask in Vienna” was made, where a key jury consisting of dance school owner Thomas Kraml, actress and Miss Earth Enya Rock, and model and influencer Kathy Steininger voted for the best mask creations. This year's title went to Raphael Duhamel from Grenoble, France, who lives in Dornbirn.

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Lots of celebrities

Numerous celebrities from politics, culture, and business also followed the ball's slogan, “Mask Magic Since 1899.” National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka, European Minister Caroline Edstadtler, Bavaria's Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, EU M.P. Lukas Mandel, National Council MPs Reinhold Lopatka, Gudran Kugler and Peter Weidinger, Christa Schnabl, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Vienna attended. Councilors Karl Mahrer and Jens Schneider, rector of TU Vienna, Andrea Schenker-Wicky, rector of the University of Basel, dance stars Nicole Wessner, Connie Greuter, Corinna Comber and Danilo Campici, Miss Earth organizer Melanie Gassner, ex-minister. Philanthropist Martina Faslabend, presenter Karin Schranz-Klibl, presenter Kathy Steininger, actress and Miss Earth Enya Rock, Figaro Joseph Winkler, WWKW Castro President Peter Topcock, Dancing Stars Jury Hannes Netball, fashion designer Niko Niko, Mr. Austria and Austria Kathi Stump, Munich restaurateurs and entrepreneurs Peter and Katharina Inselkammer and daughter and Munich baby Francisca.

You can get an overview of the event here and here.


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