600 evacuations prevented in municipal buildings in Vienna

Social hardship cases are handled by Wiener Vonn's special committee. In 2023, 615 evacuations were prevented.

One Homelessness Wiener Wohnen has been able to prevent and help with difficulties since 2017 Case management plan. People who have difficulty paying rent are advised by social workers.

According to Wiener Vonen, the project will allow 615 people to live in 2023 Discharges will be blocked. A total of 882 pending and psychiatric cases were processed. “In about 70 percent of cases, people with payment difficulties were helped by intensive counseling,” Wiener Vonnen explains.

One To achieve this quota, a total of 5,900 telephone calls were made in the previous year and 2,400 individual consultations were carried out through home visits or service center consultations.

“Vienna's municipal housing is an important pillar of social cohesion. The city of Vienna and Wiener Wohnen have always been welcoming residents. Politics is about accepting responsibility and giving people in difficult life situations a way to avoid existential emergency as much as possible. Because no one is left behind in Vienna,” says the deputy mayor and city councilor for housing. Katherine's leg (SPÖ).

Assist in official procedures

The case management team consists of eleven members, social workers who develop individual perspectives with victims Loss of housing to avoid

“Together with the victims, we check if there are opportunities to receive support that has not yet been claimed, or we explain court letters that are difficult for victims to understand, or accompany them through official channels,” it explains. Bernhard RubikHead of Case Management Department.

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“The sooner problems are identified and advice is adopted, the better the habitat can be protected. Preventing evictions is a human rights task,” Rubik insists.

Where victims can get support

From September 2023, Case Management also acts as an authorized counseling center for “umbrella applications for housing” in municipal housing. The purpose of this support service is to help tenants who are at risk of losing their home. Financial support To promote long-term housing opportunities (housing security).

it will be called so Residential Umbrella Advice Daily from 9am to 5pm during the regular opening hours of the Wiener vonen service center. After making an appointment by phone on 05 75 75 75, advice and applications can be obtained simply and unbureaucratically directly from Wiener Wohnen.

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