Measles cases are on the rise in Cologne – and at Carnival

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Before the fifth season, there was measles in Cologne. The health department has warned the public to be cautious about the invasive virus.

Colon – Measles circulates in the colon. According to the notification of the local health department, more cases have already been registered in 2024 than usual for an entire year. This highly contagious disease is alarming news. This is especially worrisome on festival days when thousands of people gather in the Rhine metropolis to celebrate. A British authority is also concerned about the numbers.

Measles cases increase during festival time

The risk of disease should not be underestimated. The Department of Health warns: “For children under five (and adults over 20), measles can lead to serious complications.” In individual cases, it can lead to encephalitis and even pneumonia. Any contact between an unimmunized person and a sick person almost inevitably leads to infection. The virus is spread through infectious droplets when talking, coughing and sneezing.

The measles virus is highly contagious. © Imago/Cavallini James

Known symptoms only become apparent after a few days

The Standard Immunization Commission (Stiko) urgently recommends vaccination against the invasive virus. The vaccine is recommended for all adults born after 1970. In children, two vaccinations are necessary for effective protection.

The first symptoms of the disease are cough, runny nose and high fever. Inflammation can also occur in the neck and throat area and in the connective tissue of the eyes. Common symptoms, such as a rash that spreads from the face and ears to the rest of the body, usually appear after a few days.

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Measles cases are increasing, especially in the south of Cologne

According to the Department of Health, a total of eight confirmed cases and two suspected cases have been reported in Cologne in 2024 (as of February 7). Most of these occurred in the south of the city. Measles is subject to mandatory reporting. Meanwhile, researchers have discovered a method to stop the virus. (pkb)

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