A doctor's visit to Oliver Böcher just before the Vienna Opera ball

Comedian Oliver Bocher (45) had to seek medical treatment on a visit to Vienna. When he arrived in the Austrian capital, Bocher was in poor health. He lost his voice as seen on his Instagram story from the airport.

Butcher had been ill the week before, visiting ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wolden, 40, and their children at their adopted home in Miami, he revealed on his podcast, “The Butchers! Freshly Recycled.”

Oliver Böcher needs medical attention just before the Vienna Opera ball

In Vienna, the 41-year-old required medical attention shortly before the start of the Opera Ball this Thursday evening (February 8). as “Crown Newspaper” According to reports and testimony from a short video, a doctor injected Bocher. Although his health was not stable, the comedian was in the mood for humor in the situation.

So he taunted the emergency doctor with cheeky words: “Put the mask on and take it off. You've got this FFP2 system all figured out,” he quipped. “I really like that (…) I think that's how it works here,” Bocher said during his treatment in front of the camera. Even when the doctor asked for documentation of the treatment, Bocher joked that it was always best — even for possible legal action.

Oliver Boucher attends the ball with ex-wife Sandy Mayer-Wolden

Bocher was given an injection of the drug Novelgin. “You will see that you sleep better in the afternoon,” said the doctor. “Thanks, that's great,” smiled Bocher. He didn't have much time to rest. Finally, he had to prepare for this year's social event in Austria. Along with his ex-wife Sandy Mayer-Wolten (40), Boucher is a guest on the box of businessman Markus Duessel. There he will also meet singer Heino (85), making his first appearance at a major event since the death of his wife Hannalore exactly three months ago, as well as Italian actor Franco Nero (82).

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Bocher posted a video of his medical treatment on his Instagram page, writing: “Fitness for the opera ball and vital for the voice tomorrow in Las Vegas!” The day after his opera ball adventure, Friday (February 9) brings another highlight for Bocher: he will appear in Las Vegas with his current stage show “Der Liebeskasper”.

About 5,000 guests were expected at the Opera Ball in Vienna on Thursday evening. American actress Priscilla Presley (78) is joined this year by Austrian businessman and construction genius Richard Luchner (91).

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