A first introduction to the 2013 vintage

ÖTV coach Robert Meirich gets a picture of the U12 youngster at a national training session in the southern part of the city.

First the seniors, then the juniors: In the week following the Class of 2012 (February 16 to 18), the Austrian Tennis Association invited the Class of 2013 to national training at the ÖTV Südstadt Performance Center in Maria Enzersdorf from February 23 to 25. “It was another successful event,” enthused ÖTV U12 national coach Robert Meirich. “This is the first syllabus for this year. This means: some of the players I didn't even know before. I've already noticed a few during a couple of scouting opportunities. It was a great group and a lot of fun.

Apart from sports director and Davis Cup captain Jürgen Melzer and ÖTV's Meirich, physiotherapist Clemens Hartleb and some private coaches wanted to go to Lower Austria with their players – like Christoph Bruck, Dominik Hutterer or Raphael Freudenthaler. Boys Jonas Mittermayr (OÖTV), Sebastian Schöls (NÖTV), Alexander Derflinger (OÖTV), Lennard Wala (NÖTV), Julian Reischl (OÖTV), Luca Hofstetter (OÖTV), Clemens Haller (WTV) Nina Buchecker (STV), Lena Anglitner (OÖTV), Marta DeCristoforou (TTV), Eliza Freudenthaler (OÖTV) and Lena Jacob (TTV), the girls, did not miss the opportunity to work with a team of ÖTV experts under professional guidance.

The first talents have already “received a very positive impression”.

“Overall, this weekend is about getting to know the players, checking them out and watching the footage,” Myrich explained. “We were able to categorize them into basic strokes, serve, volley and smash and get first impressions. Let's start the coming year together. “I will continue to watch the players at tournaments and will be at the ÖTV youth championships both indoors and outdoors,” announced Maieritsch. In any case, he has already “noticed one or two young talents in a very positive way”.

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