A four-year-old child was rescued from Brunnen in the Hollabrun district

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The fireman gives up up to four years

The fire department rescued a child who had fallen into a borehole yesterday in Hollabrun district. An injured four-year-old boy was airlifted to hospital.

A child was rescued from a well in Maissau (Hollabrunn district) on Saturday. A four-year-old boy was reportedly injured and airlifted to hospital. Franz Kloiber, commander of FF Maissau, told APA that the boy fell into the shaft, which was six to eight meters deep. A firefighter grabbed the four-year-old boy. He was pulled into a sling. Three firefighters were on the job, ORF reported.

Baby falls into the well: major surgery

Aides were alerted later in the afternoon. “As rescue with a ladder was not possible, the crane arm of the Ravelsbach swap loader was brought into position and a member of the fire brigade lowered the injured child,” said operations manager Klemens Kaltenbrunner.

The boy was then dragged away and handed over to the emergency room. The fire department said the child was taken to the hospital for further examination. In total, more than 50 members were stationed with ten vehicles.

(Them: APA)

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