“Activity Clothing 2.0” is designed to control e-bikes and prevent accidents

At the beginning of summer, many people flock to the outdoors: joggers, cyclists and other athletes are everywhere. They are mostly worn during this time Fitness-tracker or either Smart watch on the wrist. These devices draw Physical data On that day. Athletes want to know more about their physical activity – for example their heart rate or body temperature. New ones come relatively oftenWearables“In the market, devices are also called.

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New Research Project”Digital mobility is next“The next few years will be new Techniques And materials to do Movement measurement Test. The scheme is implemented by Austrian research funding agency FFG As the project manager puts it, it supports “the digitization of mobility and contributes to greater vitality and well-being”. Elizabeth Hasler explained.

The researchers’ basic idea is that wearable technology can be integrated directly into sportswear. At some point, electronic devices may even become redundant. To do this, researchers test the so-called “”.Smart Textiles“- Materials and materials that already have integrated sensors and can directly record vital signs.

The rear bumper can also warn of accidents with vibrations

An Austrian company is also on board Pioneering inventionsIts parent company includes a well-known motorcycle and e-bike brand KTM heard The E-bike And Motorcycle manufacturer Initially wanted to use the program to learn more about the driver behavior of their customers. The data scientist explains that we still don’t understand how rider behavior affects bike components Martin Diefengrabner.

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Then they want to think about how sensors and other measurement devices can be integrated into biker clothing to better “connect” drivers to their vehicles. Smart clothing can reveal more about how drivers feel. Such “Smart” textiles It can bring some benefits to the drivers. Clothes may be in front of you An impending accident to warn

If the laser scanner on the bike registers an approaching vehicle, the rider can feel it directly. “Currently an audio track warns: ‘Attention, a vehicle is approaching and 100 meters away’. But you can work with haptic feedback. On a more foresight basis, you can have one, for example Carapace Build with it driver “They give me vibrations or impulses that give me information about how far away the vehicle behind me is,” explains Diefengrabner.

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It refers to technology that people wear directly on their bodies and is intended to support the wearer in everyday life. These include, for example: Fitness-tracker And Smart Rings. These are used to track physical activity and may reveal more about physical fitness or sleep behavior.

Smart Textiles
Fabrics or clothing that use integrated sensors to record physical data such as Important symptoms Or measure body temperature. In the “Digital Motion” project, researchers are working with electrically conductive threads and sensor images attached to sports clothing.

Digital mobility is next
A continuation of a larger Austrian research project. The previous project was primarily concerned with sensors Ski equipment The project was postponed to 2024 Cycling, motorcycling and running extended. The goal of the project is to learn more about our movement and conduct better data analysis. Its aim is to increase well-being, performance, health and safety during physical activity.

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Driving mode change via glove box

They are also thinking how to do it Gloves Able to digitize, it is an important interface between driver and vehicle in the bicycle and motorcycle industry. “If you’re traveling off-road on an e-bike or motorcycle and you want to see where you are, now you have to pick up your smartphone and press something. You can do that instead Gestures – and trigger actions with different finger combinations,” explains Tiefengrabner.

This will allow drivers to react quickly to unexpected situations. Who with it Trekking cart A steep one path Going down, there can be such a thing Smart glove Quickly adjust to different riding modes on the bike: “If there’s a rock in front of me, I can use that to pre-harden or soften the suspension,” he explains.

Infineon invented sports

Technology is provided for the research project Infineon Availability – includes hardware such as Chives And SensorsBut specialized software for data analysis. Stephen Roehringer Vice President of Infinion Austria. He believes that smart textiles will make many things easier. He believes that such functional clothing is especially suitable for sports. “Our technicians are small, the key words are miniaturization and highly efficient. Such requirements Use cases I am Game area The best,” he says.

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Project manager Hussler estimates that it will be a few years before smart textiles actually reach the market. That’s why Austrian researchers are already testing technologies for this – so they’re ready for the future.

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“Die Integrating Technology in Textiles Increasingly simpler, cheaper and more scalable. However, when it comes to textiles, we are not yet ready to talk about mature technology. Consumers and companies decide for what purposes the textile will ultimately be or should be used. But smart textiles will definitely be integrated into our daily lives,” says Hussler.

*This series is published independently editorially with financial support from the Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

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