Anti-climatic: Kilometer-long traffic jams on the A4


The climate protection group “Last Generation” blocked traffic on the Eastern Motorway (A4) on Friday morning. This caused a traffic jam for several kilometers. Just the evening before, activists had disrupted a performance at the Burke Theatre.

According to their own reports, around 50 protesters stuck to the road on the A4 towards the city center near Zimmeringer Heide or blocked traffic on skateboards, bicycles or other means of transport.

There was widespread traffic disruption. The meeting was dissolved at 10 am. There were 31 arrests and citations, according to the police, who were overwhelmed by the huge numbers. After it was cleared, it was still congested for about 2.5 kilometers from Swechat towards the airport.

APA/Past Generation Austria

Activists jammed the A4 on Friday morning

The Burke Theater program was interrupted

Just Thursday evening, the climate protection group interrupted a performance of Goethe’s “Faust” at the Burgtheater. Activists chanted slogans, took to the stage and handed out placards with the slogan “right to life”, the “past generation” said in a broadcast.

“We want to provide our audiences with an uninterrupted theater experience and do not consider disrupting theater performances to be an effective means, but we understand the urgency of the last generation calling for climate protection,” the Burgtheater said in a written statement Friday. Response to APA request.

Thursday evening, May 9, 2024, Goethe's at the Burgtheater, Vienna

APA/Past Generation Austria

Members of “The Last Generation” displayed banners on stage that read “Right to Life”.

The show was interrupted an hour after it started, the free newspaper “Heat” reported. The group was given eight minutes to present their concerns and then left the stage again. According to the police, this also happened in a peaceful manner. No one has been arrested, he said.

More than 150 people have been arrested since the beginning of this year

In May, the climate group launched a new wave of protests. For example, on Tuesday morning, they marched through the streets in Heitzing in several groups, singing and banging pots. Proceedings also call the Vienna police. According to the balance sheet released on Wednesday, 150 arrests have already been recorded this year alone — more than 150 arrests since climate change action.

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