Apple boss promises “big things” for WWDC developer conference

After the Google I/O and OpenAI announcements, now comes Apple’s new innovations. As with competitors, a flood of AI innovations is expected. But news about iOS 18 and more.

Apple boss Tim Cook is fueling expectations ahead of the iPhone company’s developer conference, from which advances in artificial intelligence are expected. He will give an overview of future software and functionality at the start of the WWDC conference on Monday from 7:00pm CET. Apple needs to step up, because so far Google and, as expected, everything in OpenAI is about artificial intelligence. But the new iPhone operating system, iOS 18, will be the focus. There will be a new password manager and a completely overhauled Siri. As expected, the latest iOS version will arrive with the iPhone in September. But not only this but the whole AI will be pumped. “It’s going to be a big thing,” Cook promised at a meeting with young programmers on Sunday.

A dozen winners of a programming contest for students and schoolchildren briefed Cook on their applications at the old Apple headquarters in Cupertino. Among them was Wilton Kokabas from Dortmund. A 26-year-old medical student from the University of Duisburg-Essen has developed an app that women can use to document their periods. He decided to program his own application because, in his opinion, other services did not offer enough functionality, Kokabas told Cook. Your yet-to-be-released app assesses hormone levels, among other things. He wanted to denigrate the topic of women’s health, Kokabas said.

The Apple boss praised Coca-Cola’s innovative spirit and how she cares about others. “After meeting Wilton, I knew she had a promising career ahead of her,” the Apple boss said.

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Health at the forefront

Some other successful applications are related to health. One can be used to learn proper rhythm and pressure during cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the other can help coordinate movement by playing air piano with hand movements during rehabilitation. Cook was particularly amused by a game where you had to do push-ups to control it.

The Apple boss often asked young developers about the inspiration for their apps: “I’m always interested in that.” For Apple, the Swift Student Challenge is an opportunity to inspire tomorrow’s software developers to use its own Swift programming language. (APA/DPA)

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