Apple Vision Pro: 200,000 sold and $700 million in revenue

Apple Vision Pro: Revolutionary mixed reality headset draws testers, but high price draws criticism

After Apple announced the Vision Pro last June, the mixed reality headset is finally on the market. The Apple Vision Pro has been available for pre-order since January 19th this year and has now officially gone on sale in the US since February 2nd. During this period, Apple reportedly sold more than 200,000 devices, generating more than $700 million in revenue.

Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary AR/VR headset that provides users with an immersive experience and allows users to interact with digital objects in the physical world. Early testers are excited about the new hardware. “Experience dwarfs everything else,” writes Todd Haselton of CNBC, a business and financial news channel.

There is already speculation about what the future of work and video chats will look like with Apple's Vision Pro. Testers appreciate the new technology and the variety of application possibilities that the glasses offer. However, there are also points of criticism, especially the high price of US$3,499, which scares off many potential buyers. Testers agree that the Vision Pro will remain a niche product until the price is significantly reduced. Some testers also complained of difficulties using the virtual keyboard. Nevertheless, testers see the Vision Pro as an exciting product that could shape the future of computing. Powerful hardware, M2 chip and impressive display technologies are also appreciated. Although the headset weighs around 600 grams and includes an external battery, wearability and battery life are rated positively.

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Overall, testers were impressed with the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality glasses, but still see room for improvement, especially in terms of price. Many believe that this is an early test and that more advanced and affordable models will hit the market in the coming years.

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