ÖVP attacks Kurz-Richter for “bias”.

Finally, one of the two matters on which Radasztics was disciplined was already an issue on the first day of the trial in the false statement trial: Kurz and Bonelli's attorneys assumed Radasztics was guilty. Green MP Peter the mushroom Not objective and called for a change of judges.

Radasztics denied the allegation: he had “no friendship or trust” with the Bills.

Duty of Protection

In a judgment of the High Regional Court of Grosseto, the responsible disciplinary court, the topic of fungi was raised. (dubbed “Dr. E*”) The following incident is described:

War of the Radastics Eurofighter-Attorney and questioned Bills as a witness in his office in December 2018. He then asked the detectives to leave the room “so he could talk to the doctor. E* Something else can be discussed. The officials left, as did the senior public prosecutor.

When she returned, Radastics was sitting in front of his computer screen with a file open. Picked up mushroom notes. They talk about a possible bribery case in Croatia, and Radastics asks Bills for more information. Pilz did not have one, but the Eurofighter U raised the issue of providing files to the committee. Radasztics explained that there was an instruction to withhold parts of the files for national security reasons.

The Bills “are not entitled to this information from the investigation files at this time,” Radastics said in its statement Duty of Protection Prosecution violated, disciplinary court says. A Criminal proceedings Already terminated due to breach of official secrecy.

Devastating optics

This explanation in the concluding text shows that Radasztics and Pilz had a certain basis of belief. The case is now the subject of much speculation as only the text has appeared on the Legal Information System (RIS) after the verdict in the criminal case against the former president.

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There is judgment MayIt is legally binding December. According to the law, such judgments will be “Instantly anonymized” to publish.

The latter has long been attributed to the High Regional Court of Graz, the responsible body: after it became legally binding, the Registry Office of the Supreme Court was appointed anonymously. Anonymization was rechecked and technical processing of the publication was carried out. The process as a whole is very complex, explains the OLG spokesperson, and emphasizes: “There is There is no connection Kurz and Bonelli on the Judgment of the Criminal Case.”

The optics are – as most commentators and legal experts agree – disastrous. In fact, a relatively small fine of half a month's salary (about 3,700 euros) would not have changed the fact that Radasztics was placed on short-term probation by an internal system.

Case PR

President of the Court Friedrich Forstuber The ÖVP sees General Stocker's statements as “in part PR-case, is held here to attack the person of the judge”. In S1– “Mittagsjournal” insists that “absolutely nothing” to conduct a short trial of disciplinary actions from Radasztics time as public prosecutor.

The Greens and SPÖ are telling Stocker to avoid “calling politicians for an independent judiciary”. Greens general secretary says “conspiracy theory press conferences” are actually only known from the Freedom Party Olga Voglaer.

Guy John Griner (SPÖ) found that the ÖVP would “undermine the foundation of the republic in its blind zeal to protect Kurz and the Kurz system”.

The short investigation will see whether Radasztics is actually biased or not Second event To clarify. Security is full profession Recorded – Offence, Punishment and Void. Actual bias would be the basis for rehearing the trial (which lasted twelve days).

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