ATS – Exercise – Volunteer Fire Brigade Playground

This Friday, February 23, 2024, the respiratory protection squad of FF-Spielfeld started its training cycle planned for the first half of 2024. The focus of this series of exercises is to actively incorporate operational tactics to tactically take our respiratory defense sector to the next level. It helps in our own safety during a serious operation and at the same time is intended to increase our efficiency in such an event. In the first session on February 23. Our additional equipment was redesigned from the ground up. Together we looked at the equipment for penetrating locked fire objects and practiced it immediately. This equipment is bundled together in a bag called a reconnaissance bag, which now accompanies our ATS troops on their missions. Basic tactical skills were also practiced. Additional, practical attention was paid to rescuing comrades. For example, a distressed comrade's mask can be quickly connected to his own ATS device to provide him with breathing air in an exceptional situation. The maneuvers required are not easy, especially under stressful conditions, and should therefore be practiced as often as possible. We then practiced how to free a fully equipped, possibly unconscious respirator wearer weighing up to 25 kg from their equipment to effectively administer first aid. This type of training prepares us for worst-case scenarios that never happen in our fire department!
Report and trainer: Michi Frieß

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