AUA: KV salary negotiation for board staff continues today

Yesterday's appointment was constructive and negotiations will continue today, an AUA spokesman said on Monday. The employee has since agreed not to divulge the details. In a poll of VIDA union members early last week, 90 percent decided against the AUA's final offer. Turnout was 88 percent, and 60 percent of board staff are VIDA members.

The last known offer from the Lufthansa subsidiary to 3,500 flight attendants and pilots is an 18 per cent increase in salary, up from 4 per cent previously, the airline announced recently. Tenure 2 years 10 months. Specifically, the AUA is offering on-board employees an 8 percent salary hike effective March 1, 2024, and another 5 percent from January 2025 and January 2026.

Negotiations for a new AUA on-board staff KV have been dragging on for weeks. A strike and several union meetings this spring have already led to hundreds of flight cancellations and millions in damages to the airline.


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