BIOEM 2024 – BIOEM creates the future

Eco- and energy-based construction, life and living and focal points “Climate-friendly forests 2.0” and “Getting out of oil and gas” are the main topics of BIOEM 2024. The focus on “generation-friendly construction and renovation” in Großschönau is far-reaching again and offers solutions for future generations.

“People are increasingly faced with the question of whether it is still worth living in the future or whether a secure future is possible. There is uncertainty especially in the area of ​​energy security. The BIOEM in Großschönau offers a great overview of new technologies and trends and provides people with decision-making aids,” says Chairman Mayor Martin Bruckner. “Each of us has a contribution to make, but this requires answers and proposed solutions.”

“Senior living space” makes sense

Well planned, saving costs and effort, this is the idea behind the new center of BIOEM 2024. It is rarely taken into account that life circumstances change with age. “The desire to live in your own home as long as possible in old age should really be taken into account when building or renovating a home,” says Werner Wachter. BIOEM has taken up this topic. The aim is to create awareness showing how builders can plan ahead and adapt a property to age-appropriate needs over time.

Let’s save our forests

Climate-resilient forest 2.0 is a new focus topic this year. Our forest is undergoing major changes due to climate change. Dry periods, bark beetles and weather impacts can be particularly hard on monocultures. BIOEM shows how the added value of forests can be improved in the long term through proper planting material, good forest management, careful use of wood and more. Consultations and particularly interesting lectures are planned.

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Regional energy communities and “getting out of oil and gas” as part of the solution.

People are currently looking for ways to extract oil and gas and will see many proposed solutions at the trade show. You can also learn how energy communities can evolve, what possibilities exist and what benefits arise in various special lectures during the four days of the fair. Großschönau’s 7,500 m² indoor space and 6,000 m² outdoor space provide a stage for many innovative projects.

Pioneer works in Großschönau

The first BIOEM took place in 1986. To this day, the themes of trade fairs have not lost their relevance. The organizers consider themselves pioneers in alternative heating systems, solar and photovoltaic technology, electromobility, non-polluting living, biodiversity and more. We look forward to thousands of visitors every year, and BIOEM is working to pioneer the future of life.

Information and entertainment

The interesting lecture program is also well received by the audience every year. There is particular interest in information on energy security, photovoltaics, storage and emergency power. It will entertain with Radio 4/4, a traditional costume show, the group DIE EDELSEEER and many highlights in the festival tent. Information in

An excursion for the whole family

There is always an exciting show in the festival tent and you can win great prizes at this year’s competition. Culinary delights include regional dishes and Waldwierdler specialties. A 3,000 m² playground with a climbing tower, tree houses, swings, slides, etc. offers lots of fun for children. Together with the Sonnenwelt tour, you will enjoy a successful day at BIOEM 2024 in Großschönau.

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