Cyprus announces new sea route to Gaza

Cyprus President Nikos Christodoulidis has announced the resumption of EU aid deliveries to the Gaza Strip via the sea route. “The sea corridor will start working again very soon,” Christodoulidis told Germany's Editors' Network of Newspapers (RND, Sunday editions). “US close to completing temporary port in Gaza”.

Once the ship is operational, Christodoulidis said, “it will be very easy to send two or three ships and larger ships with more humanitarian aid to Gaza.” This is an important step to help the people of Gaza in the face of a terrible humanitarian disaster, he said.

Christodoulidis criticized what he saw as insufficient EU efforts to promote peace in the region. “Frankly, I am not satisfied with our current commitment to the European Union,” he said. “Although our neighbors are at risk, we have not played a major role in the peace effort. We must play a significantly greater and more important role in de-escalating the crisis and negotiating a two-state solution.”

The EU is very focused on Ukraine, Christodoulidis continued. “But if we want to play a geopolitical leadership role, we can deal with two or three crises at once.”

The European Union and the United States also announced a sea route from Cyprus in early March. Problem: There is no port in the Gaza Strip. So the U.S. military must build a temporary port that won't be ready until May.

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