From MA 48 to Eddy from Guatemala

If you want to be precise, they were a bit faster Sala Rekasa. Wagermer Strauss over at Kaisermühlen, Regaza and nearly 40,000 others at the 9am start, was spotlessly clean, while the Ethiopian crossed the finish line shortly after eleven o'clock at Radhausplatz.

In fact what they do is terrible A marathon runner Leaving everything “false” on the path to happiness.

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“Victory Return”

But 150 employees Municipal Department 48 ran at 41. Vienna City Marathon At its best. In their bright orange work clothes, they cleared around 36 tons of garbage by evening.

Rarely did MA 48 match the words – “Victory party“- better than on Sunday. Thanks to several helpers from a private company, the barriers marking the starting area on Wagramer Straße were put back on small trucks faster than the two best Austrians in the Burgtheater.

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They were all remarkably dignified and profoundly sober Vienna police officers: “Last runners? Went here ten minutes ago. But you will soon catch them on your bike.” – “No, you can ignore the ban today. Run, the road is clear.

soon “Sweeper lorry“By the organizer, the platoon does it immediately Cleaning force, meter: On the Linke Wienzeile, the orange men of MA 48 are active with shovels and brooms. They also gradually pursue goals.

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Eddie wears these Sonne Not just in his middle name – not just the guitar in his hand. He plays for his colleagues at Kilometer 23 from ORF A song from his homeland. How it affects other runners! Always positive, always smiling. Some people still notice it, others are into it A gateway to orthopedic supply companies Only her limbs in mind.

Vienna thanks Eddie in its own way: everywhere Applause! “More than winners,” Eddie says cheerfully.

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