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All Dark (6/6)

As Patrick (Michael Etlinger) reaches the supply point in the middle of the night with the last of his strength, the people of Kegenberg struggle with the next disaster: the piggery is on fire. As if on a suicide mission, priest Mathias (Tompett Duisk) jumps into the flames to save Laura (Miriam Fussnecker) and Norbert (Christian Strasser) who are trapped inside. Even the unbelieving and secular Elizabeth (Hilde Talic) is now asking God for help.
After weeks of walking from Italy to Kegenberg, pig farmer Lucas (Tobias Offenbauer) still faces the ruins of his existence. At least Patrick returns in time with life-saving insulin for Mary. With Laura's clever plan, the villagers don't get the soccer trophy, but they get the pigs back from the muckingers and thus their supply base. The people of Kegenberg learned one thing for sure over the past few weeks: Unity is everything. Especially when it's dark.
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