Kaleen flies to Sweden for the first rehearsal

Austria's singing competition candidate Kaleen is going to Sweden. There are many more rehearsals on the big stage before the grand finale on May 11.

Austria/Sweden. This Sunday (April 28) Austria's song contest candidate Kaleen is heading to Sweden, Malmö to be precise, to prepare for the competition.

The first rehearsal is scheduled for Monday, April 29. Live on stage at the big song contest in Malmö. The finals are only two weeks away.

“Faith never decides anything”

“We've been preparing for this for a long time and now I'm fully expecting for Malmö and on Monday I'll be in the ESC arena for the first time and experience everything. It's great after all the hype. The same place for two weeks before the trip,” says Kaleen with full anticipation.

“Kaleen is well prepared, leaves nothing behind with her team and will bring a big show to the ESC stage with her performance: three minutes of full power and pure party atmosphere. I wish her all the best and many unique moments in Malmö,” said ORF Program Director Stephanie. Krois-Horowitz said happily.

The Eurovision Song Contest final will take place on Saturday 11th May in Sweden.

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