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Posted May 28, 2024, 11:08 pm
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Kärntnermilch boss Helmut Petschar apologizes.

Kärntnermilch boss Helmut Petschar apologizes.

NEOS MP Gerald Loker caused a stir with statements such as “stupid beef fillet” and “inferior cheese”. Kärntnermilch boss Helmut Petschar is now apologizing.

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Debate on the Mercosur Free Trade Agreement in the National Council quickly heated up. Neos MP Gerald Locker Dismissing the high-quality products of Austrian farmers as “stupid beef fillets” and “inferior cheese” sparked a controversy. Politicians accused farmers of “small-scale thinking” and suggested that they should “exchange their cows and goats for each other”.

“Improportionate and highly inappropriate behavior”

Individual parties are outraged by these reports. The Gardnermilch boss and head of the Austrian Milk Processors Association sees it that way Helmut Bechar “Local dairies, the high achievements of local dairy farmers, cheese dairies and dairies, and a week later, the MP openly apologizes for his “lack of height and very inappropriate behaviour”, simply not in Parliament, but about the local economy and its outstanding performance. He loses all credibility in making statements,” Petschar added.


The Association of Austrian Dairy Processors uses this as an opportunity to once again point out the excellent quality of local products: “Cheese specialties are presented repeatedly at international competitions, they win many quality competitions and are the backbone of dairy production. For high quality, domestic producers can achieve higher average export prices for dairy processors. .” Petschar adds: “Especially a Vorarlberger, Loker must be well aware of Austrian cheese quality” – and finally prompt an apology from Loker.

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