Large scale police operation with search at Meidling train station

According to the police, it was a fight involving knives and a manhunt followed. Many were injured.

Several police cars were reportedly dispatched Sunday evening around 10 pm nearby Meidling Railway Station Sightings, some eyewitnesses report on social media site X.

Also A Police helicopter LPT was used in X, as soon confirmed by Vienna.

According to the police, “extensive searches were carried out” after a major scuffle in the railway station area. Helicopter support provided.

According to preliminary findings, three people were allegedly stabbed, police said in the evening. Another suffered a head injury after being hit.

Further incidents in Vienna

And so it will be The third major conflict On the streets of Vienna within three days: Saturday evening there was a big fight – but inside Prater. The eyewitnesses said that there were ten people.

AAt the scene, officers were only able to find two people who were apparently involved in a fight.

Stocks were still higher on Friday. Up to 30 contestants They went in with pistols, gas sprays and knives Vienna-Brigittenau to each other. Three men were injured.

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