Quadruple injury: Rival teams meet…

Several men were stabbed and hit on the head. Investigators suspect a connection to armed conflicts in Brigittana. Some of the men wore masks. A search operation is underway.

For the third time, two rival factions in Vienna agreed to engage in a physical altercation. While Friday and Saturday’s conflict in Brigittenau ended relatively mildly, four people were seriously injured on Sunday evening. Three men suffered stab wounds and one suffered a head injury from blunt force trauma, police spokesman Philipp Haßlinger said. The search for the culprits is going on vigorously.

According to the police, the three incidents are directly related to each other. According to the Austria Press Agency, these are said to be competing with Chechen, Syrian and Afghan groups. The police did not want to confirm this. According to spokesman Haßlinger, the men arrived at a meeting at the Meidling U6 station (formerly: Philadelphiabrücke) armed with knives, sticks and rods. They attacked each other in the field before the buses left. What this dispute is is still under investigation. Most of those involved fled after the attack. Some of the men were said to be wearing masks, a later police report said.

A police helicopter is in operation

The search for the culprits continued on Sunday. A police helicopter was also used as part of “extensive search operations,” the Vienna State Police Directorate announced in a broadcast shortly after midnight. All 4 injured persons were admitted to hospital. They will be interrogated later in the night or on Monday. Preliminary investigation is also going on with her. The state crime branch police office has taken up the case.

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Rival teams may have had their first meeting late on Friday evening. There was a sudden burst of gunfire in Anton-Kummarer-Park. Two young Syrians were shot and a Chechen was slightly wounded by a knife. The youths involved in the melee appear to have entered the park armed with guns, knives, gas sprays and assault weapons. All five parked cars were damaged by bullets. After the conflict, most of those involved in both groups fled, as they did now. Several weapons were seized.

The next operation took place on Saturday evening or Sunday night in Klosterneuburger Straße, Anton-Kummerer-Park and Hannovermarkt after witnesses and police were alerted to armed men. Two knives and pepper spray were seized during the identity check, but no offenses were committed.

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