Main activity in Vienna-Brigitan due to dilapidated residential buildings: many drawbacks

The authorities checked not only the properties on Othmargasse and Salzachstrasse, but also their cellars, rooms and private apartments.
© City of Vienna/Immediate Action Committee

On Monday, Vienna's emergency operations team and the Vienna police checked two residential buildings in Brigittena as part of a larger operation with other municipal departments.

Officials found many loopholes such as unauthorized health facilities, structural defects, cases of electricity theft and possible bogus companies. Police conducted 122 identity checks.

Authorities raided the property in Vienna-Brigitte

Authorities checked not only the properties on Othmargasse and Salzachstrasse, but also their cellars, rooms and private apartments, according to a city release. Particular attention was paid to littering, abuses by fire police, violations of electrical engineering and registration laws and compliance with structural standards.

During the process, inspectors discovered unauthorized installations of showers, toilets and other modifications. “Because they were installed poorly, water leaked out and mold formed,” said a spokesman for the APA's emergency operations team. Also, “power theft was detected in 32 cases where cables were laid beyond the meter,” the spokesperson said. In another 23 flats, electricity was cut due to improper installation of cables due to serious danger. In flats not at high risk, tenants of affected flats were given seven days to register. Financial police launched investigations on suspicion of setting up fake companies and conducted audits on rent and lease of flats and suspected tax evasion. A tenant was sent back to the apartment due to aggressive behavior.

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Ludwig, the mayor of Vienna, announced further measures

Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) announced further measures on Tuesday, “guaranteeing that every Viennese has housing of the highest quality and the safety of all tenants.” The quality of life in Vienna is “unnecessarily good”. Walter Hillerer from the Immediate Action Group stressed: “The serious deficiencies found illustrate the urgency of regular inspections to ensure the quality of life in Vienna.”

In addition to the immediate action team, the fiscal police included officials from the Vienna State Police Directorate, the municipal department 6 for collection and enforcement services (MA 6), and the health department responsible for technology (MA 15). Operations (MA 25).Fire Police (MA 36), Building Authority (MA 37) and Wiener Netze are involved. The finance department police are investigating the owners of the affected houses.

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