Major alert for fire department: Heavy storm again in Oberwart district

Another severe storm on Saturday evening in the Oberwart district. Severe thunderstorms and lightning sprees and heavy rain caused another major alert for fire departments.

As of 10:30 p.m

Oberward District. After 8 p.m., violent shouts of thunder announced the approach of the storm in the Oberwart district. At around 8:18 a.m. the first alarm to the Croixec Fire Department was triggered by the Burgenland State Security Center (LSZ).

Continuous use for fire brigades

Further alarms continued in series via pagers, cell phones and sirens. Dozens of volunteers engaged in countless tasks in the pouring rain. Flooded basements, flooded streets, minor mudslides on traffic routes and more

Social appeal of the play

A dramatic call from the Wiesfleck community to the public via the CITIES app at 10:30 p.m.: !!!Stay home !!!! Emergency services are doing what they can!!!! An hour ago, the message: “REPORT OF SERIOUS FLOODING IN THE COMMUNITY! STAY HOME!!! IF DAMAGED, CALL EMERGENCY NUMBER 122 !!

The following fire departments are currently in use:

  • Krocek,
  • Count chess,
  • Neustift adL,
  • Loipersdorf,
  • Kitzladen,
  • Schreibersdorff,
  • book chess,
  • Pinkafeld,
  • Riedlingsdorf,
  • Oberward,
  • beating,
  • Weissfleck,
  • Senior shooters,
  • Mariasdorf,
  • Newmarket ID,
  • Jormansdorf,
  • Willersdorf,
  • Sulzriegel,
  • drumming,
  • Middlingsdorf,
  • According to idW,
  • Poor Dotzmansdorff,
  • Stitchlining,
  • Altschlaining,
  • Großpetersdorf
  • Allersdorf
  • Rumpersdorf
  • Hannersdorf
  • Newstift b. Schl.
  • Market NewHoties
  • Rechnitz
  • Kleinpeter’s.—Kleinchigan
  • Burke
  • Registration
  • Litchelsdorf
  • Zuberbach
  • Turnbach
  • Goberling
  • Oberdorf
  • Schöndorff
  • Rottenturm adP
  • Consec
  • Codicean

Severe weather warning

A severe weather warning has been triggered: Grafenschachen, Schreibersdorf, Riedlingsdorf, Hochart, Wiesfleck, Jormannsdorf, Oberschützen, Unterschützen, Neumarkt im Tauchental, Kitzladen, Mariasdorf, Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Drinbaumchlingsicken,

Statement – with As of 10:30 p.m – Constantly updated. There are currently 37 fire departments in the Oberwart district.

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