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At 12:00 noon, the colorful train started moving “the other way” against the direction of travel on the ring, ending at Radhausplatz at 6:00 pm. The Rainbow Parade is again organized by the Homosexuality Initiative (HOSI) Vienna as “an important symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) life”.

Appearances of Conchita and Galen

This year’s demonstration has a total of 92 decorated trucks, other vehicles and groups of participants. The lively buzz culminates in the “Vienna Pride Village”, where performances by Conchita Wurst and this year’s Song Contest contestant Galeen (9.30pm) are on the programme.

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Federal party leader Andreas Popler from the SPÖ, National Council president Doris Bures, EU top candidate Andreas Scheider and Vienna city councilors Jürgen Czernoherski and Peter Hacker attended.

Vice-Chancellor Werner Kögler, Health Minister Johannes Rauch, Climate Protection Minister Leonor Küssler and Justice Minister Alma Zadik came from the Green Party. The Neos were finally represented by their party leader Beate Meindl-Reisinger, Vienna’s deputy mayor Christoph Wiederkehr and the EU’s top candidate Helmut Brandstätter.’

HOSI CHAIRPERSON: One-tenth of the population now

“Today we see: Pride brings thousands of people to the streets to stand up and voice against injustice. “Pride is one of the strongest movements in the world today, where people come together for a good cause and want to make this world a better place,” Katharina Kaserowski-Strobl, managing director of Stonewall GmbH, told APA. Pride can be a fad, a passing state, or a promotional item.

Ann-Sophie Otte, head of HOSI Vienna, was delighted with the large turnout for the rainbow parade. “It is important that we take to the streets today for protection against discrimination, an end to medically unnecessary operations on intersex children or an urgently needed ban on so-called ‘transplant treatments’, because this is unacceptable to Austria. Dwelling on these important human rights issues does not move a millimeter forward,” he said. He said.

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The community now makes up ten percent of the population—and therefore ten percent of the electorate. It called on Otey to “vote for an open and LGBTIQ-friendly Europe” in tomorrow’s European elections.

Security precautions have been stepped up this year

After a terrorist incident at last year’s event, security precautions were stepped up this year, which was particularly reflected in the police presence. A search warrant was issued for the “Vienna Pride Village” on Rathausplatz. Access is allowed only to persons whose clothing and containers have been searched.

According to the police, there was no evidence of any particular danger. Due to current assessments of terrorism and extremism, security precautions for large gatherings remain standard, it said.

A visible police presence, but also the employment of civilian officers, are essential parts of the security concept. Adequate forces will be deployed to perform various tasks and ensure smooth implementation. We are in close touch with the organizer and can count on good cooperation.

Traffic jam since morning

The ring between the Opéra and the Franz Josephs-Kay is closed from 8:30 am. According to Radio Vienna traffic information, the ring barrier will be gradually expanded during the parade. Evasion is possible via a two-man line or belt. During the closure the airport is not accessible via Franz-Josefs-Kai.

According to the Vienna Police, temporary traffic closures and diversions in the event area and all nearby streets should be expected from the morning hours. It is recommended to avoid affected areas as much as possible. Access to garages is often not possible when moving.

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Tram lines 1, 2, 31, 71 and D can be bypassed by using the tunnel. Intra-city bus routes are also sometimes short-routed or detoured.

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