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February 25, 2024, 1499 characters

February 24, Saturday

failure I was also asked about the failure of Gerhard Popp's vlog for the Real Estate Editorial Board. Well, I never took a big risk, and then I answered that I might have had a hundred small failures, and then tried the next thing, mostly in the stock market, but that's the business that makes me money. Sport is a fan and entertainer and the acquisition of SportWoche is a big deal, but perhaps the biggest failure in the media industry is sports. I would like to point out that I never weigh my working hours, most of it is a hobby and not all work. But when it comes to the topic of expenses, then Runplugged, jumping back and forth between podcasts and music, even remembering the pause button of audio files, maybe the idea of ​​a running app with completely new charts. Leading. Basically, the app never worked as I envisioned, and the collaboration with app developers who were friends was nice, but not on target. Instead of learning from mistakes, we get frustrated by them. I'm also afraid that I can't really explain what I want to these one-time programmers. Another problem is that programmers aren't runners, so testing doesn't work. It's a shame, I say.

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T-Roadshow Austria: Weinerberger as star of the week, Ö-News week 8, example daily live view of DAX/ATX

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Stocks on the radar:Vienna Airport, obscenity, UBM, AustriaGard Holdings AG, Warimpex, Print, Unica, Mayer-Melnoff, Rosenbauer, Weinerberger, Austrian post, Polytech Group, RBI, Oberbank AG stem, BKS Bank Stam, Adigo Bank, Acrana, CA Yes, The first group, EVN, Immofinance, Strawback, Telecom Austria, V.I.G, Adidas, Munich Rev, Beersdorf, Airbus Group, The BMW, Continental, Merck KGaA.

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