Nova Rock Begins!

Green lawns, black hoodies and not a rain jacket anywhere. Nova Rock 2024 begins!

What is that strange color on the floor? It is called green and is the color of grass. A rare guest at Noah’s Rock (reason: mostly mud, rain and heat), but it’s also happening at Noah’s Rock this year. You can talk about it when the weather is nice. FM4 Except for Peckerlpickerln who (still) have clean shoes and faces. Colorful people, colorful bands and Candy heaven. It will be very beautiful in Pannonia Fields.

One of the country’s biggest festivals runs until Sunday, with tens of thousands of people living in the fields near Nickelsdorf since Tuesday. Here’s a selection of bands you can see over the weekend: Billie Talent, Avril Lavigne, Meneskin, Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, Keanu Reeves (with Dogstar Band) already spotted at the venue. Crowd movement.

Sure there’s a little sand in your face and mouth, but it doesn’t matter, because mood check: “There’s nothing better in the world,” says a cheerful Noah Rocker. “The team is amazing! We are so ready!

FM4 is definitely your festival radio this year. On site with the FM4 stand, the aforementioned Peckerlpickerln, stickers, business and friendly people. For everyone who can’t be at Nova Rock: We’ll bring you the festival spirit wherever you are on all channels. On Saturday there will be a big live broadcast from Pannonia Fields from 1pm to 5pm on radio FM4 channels. Happy Noah Rock! Of course we’ll let you know if the lawn lasts until then.

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