Leah and Germaine Sindt on “Germany’s Next Top Model”

The winners of the 19th season have been announced. For the first time, Heidi Klum chose a male model.

For the first time in the history of “Germany’s Next Top Model”, a male model was chosen at Pro7 on Thursday evening. The title went to Jermaine in the final, while Leah won among the female candidates.

Leah won the fight against Xenia, and Fabian finished third. In the men’s division, the duo Julian and Luca were the first to be eliminated, with Jermaine winning the final fight against Linus.

The announcement of the two winners was preceded by a performance with extravagant costumes and plenty of music (Robin S., Sophie Tucker). The rest of the top model candidates have to complete a few runs on the catwalk and photo shoot. Former German footballer and world champion Bastian Schweinsteiger scored a goal a day before the start of the European Football Championship. Aspiring models posed as goalkeepers. Schweinsteiger had to let Heidi Klum rip off her long pants to shoot at the target in shorts.

Celebs can’t miss either: model Liz Hurley and her son Damian sat on top model inventor Heidi Klum’s couch and followed the show, as did Schweinsteiger. Both winners receive €100,000 and appear on the cover of “Harper’s Bazaar”. Next year’s anniversary season was announced at the show. (phhu)

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