René Benko sent Sebastian Kurz CVs from Signa auditors

In the summer of 2023, the European Central Bank (ECB) reviewed loans made by banks to Cigna companies. Benko reportedly screened candidates and sent their CVs to former chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Sebastian Kurz's SK management billed Cigna millions for consulting work. It was already known. According to research by “News” and “Kronen Zeitung”, Benko Kurz also provides information. Cigna reportedly provided information on verifying loans.

In mid-2023, the European Central Bank (ECB) is examining the Cigna loans of major banks in Germany and Austria. Auditors from the Austrian National Bank were also part of the investigation.

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As “Kron” is now reporting, Benco is said to have vetted the names of key bank auditors. According to the report, a large consulting firm should… Examined the CVs of the two lead auditors and forwarded them to Benko want

A few minutes later, Benko sent the CVs to Kurz. “Thank you,” Kurz reportedly said four minutes later. Two days later, the Supervisory Commission's organizational chart followed.

Why Kurz got the information and what he wants to achieve: Unclear. A spokesman told “Kron”: “No action.”

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