Spare Parts 3D uses AI to make 2D data accessible for 3D printing

French software startup Spare parts 3D is with Thea provided an AI-based tool to automatically convert 2D design data into 3D printable models. The solution aims to make it easier for companies to get started with additive manufacturing of spare parts.

Many companies have a detailed inventory of technical drawings and plans as their only product documentation. However, manual reconstruction of 3D geometry is very complex. Tia digitizes this legacy data in seconds using deep learning and computer vision.

The computer automatically recognizes geometric shapes, dimensions, and other metadata in 2D drawings and uses them to create printable 3D models. “The big challenge is to understand and interpret the content from the 2D representation,” explains project supervisor Professor Nabil Anwar.

Theia Spare Parts is integrated into 3D's DigiPart platform, which uses AI to identify 3D printable parts and make manufacturing recommendations. Users can digitize spare parts warehouses and manufacture them in-house. Target groups include energy, defense and shipping industries with high demand for spare parts.

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