Usage tip: Cartoon Sketch Camera for sketch or comic style photos

Our App Tips of the Week Cartoon Sketch Camera is an app that lets you take sketches or comics-style photos straight from the app. The app is available for iOS for free. There are alternatives for Android.

App tip. Our app tip of the week Cartoon Squig Camera It's an app that lets you take photos directly in a suitable format using the app's camera function. This makes this app stand out from other related apps. In many apps, photos are taken conventionally with your own smartphone camera or the app's camera. Then the photos are edited.

Cartoon Sketch Camera – for special photos

Once you open the Cartoon Sketch Camera app, you're good to go. You can choose between two smartphone cameras. So, you can take a selfie of yourself in a cartoon or sketch style. You can choose between several effects: Sketch, Cartoon, Dots, Halftone, Crosshatch, Swirl, Pixelate and Emboss. In addition, the intensity of the effect can be changed using the controller. Photos can be easily saved without a watermark (!) or sent via conventional channels. Ads can be removed for a single fee of €1.99.

Special features of Cartoon Sketch Camera app

  • Free download
  • Usage: Free
  • Advertising: Yes
  • In-App Purchases: Yes
  • Other languages: German, English, French, Spanish and more
  • Age Limit: No

Our assessment

(4 out of 5 stars)

Our decision: The Cartoon Sketch Camera app is a nice gimmick if you want to take slightly different photos and save yourself the annoying post-processing in some (mostly) paid apps. On the positive side, you don't need to register to use the app. Ads are annoying, but they can be removed for a small fee. Alternatively, you can also watch a video that removes ads for a short period of time. The only drawback: only some of the filters provided work well. So there is star waste. The app gets four out of five stars from us.

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Downloads and other usage tips

Download Apple App Store/IOS: Cartoon Sketch Camera – PRO
Download Android: (Alternate): Cartoon photo

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