What Poplar and the SPÖ can learn from the electoral victory in Salzburg

Avunger's recipe for success is also in demand at the central government. He likes to send it: “Fairness is of the utmost importance to a government-sponsored party, tough on truth and fundamental debate, but fair in dealings.”

Be broad in terms of content and personnel

SPÖ is always successful when the content and personnel on offer is broad. Such was the case in Salzburg. And he reiterates: “Being against something is not a program.” Andreas Popler admitted this on the eve of the election.

According to Auinger, the federal government “doesn't need a messiah,” but rather a good team: “As Babler said.” Auinger is happy to confirm that he is no leftist like Babler or Dankl.

Poplar is very left-wing but he wants to keep it open. However, he admits that he needs to build on the plan, especially in the opposition. “Rendy-Wagner gave a lot of good advice during the Corona period. He accused the opposition of not doing enough politics. It's hard for you as the SPÖ,” recalls Aunger.

“Reign” Salzburg

In Salzburg he wants to stay true to his style – ruling Salzburg again. What does it mean? Conduct discussions with all parties and develop a broad party agreement.

“My wish is that all parties sign it,” Ayinger says. The first debate will be held on Tuesday K Michael Dongle From KPÖ plus. He must assign the fields before Easter.

“Dankl is interested in housing,” Auinger says, adding that KPÖ plus is responsible for this area. He does not anticipate further discussions with members of city government.

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Define projects

What Aunger wants to do new: The party agreement should include a list of projects. We will be happy to include suggestions from other parties as well. Buying land to solve the city's housing crisis, but also projects like renovating the airport terminal or festival halls, are important to him.

“If I had my way there would be no S-Link (mini subway, reference),” he affirms. He is more focused on exploring alternatives to tram-like surfaces.

At the end of the period a nationwide 10-minute service was established in Salzburg and the removal of white spots where public transport was not available was crucial. Plus, the bicycle budget doubles.

“It will be successful if we work as a team and think less in terms of hierarchies,” says Iyengar. Dankl announced cooperation for the KPÖ plus on election evening, and the ÖVP also made this pledge.

Where Florian Greibich Emphasizes: “The anti-ÖVP attitude practiced by the KPÖ and the Greens in the election campaign must stop.” He thinks it makes sense to name specific projects; For him it is not about content, departmental quotas. Grebich likes to support Ainger's team spirit.

The Greens are looking for change

Member of Municipal Council Anna Schister Auinger (Greens) sees it as his duty: “I expect the promised change to come.” It has the required majority. In discussions with Auinger, he wants to define common goals and take responsibility for planning and transportation.

FPÖ candidate Paul Turnberger Unhappy with the “red-red-green majority” and wants to impose “strict opposition and control”. and take care of the reorganization of the city party.

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By the way, the former ÖVP mayor is happy Harald Bruner“Aunger and not a communist” was elected. Avunger represents a solid finance major and has an ear for economics as well.

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