Why we enjoy high pressure cleaning

Of course, professional rubber boots work. Once the tip touches your bare toe, the memory lasts. Only then can you go to the moss on the terrace. As the vibrations from the handle electrify the body, garden chairs and cars practically spray themselves. Satisfaction spreads. Or as Youtuber “MontanaBlack Stories” put it in his video “Fun with the Pressure Washer”: “I ordered a new toy. It satisfies me.

But why does a compressed jet of water make us happy? Who is specifically involved in surface cleaning? “Austria has a culture of cleanliness,” says psychologist Brigitte Bosenkopf. “Even as children, we feel the happiness of our parents. If we don’t mess with each other or voluntarily wash our hands.” Purity Hence a value injected.

In a 2020 survey by product manufacturer Cif, 89 percent of respondents said they felt better after cleaning. There is no justification for defamation.

Toys for men

But the fun starts with the tech gadgets. “Manufacturers once created devices like high-pressure cleaners as toys that made cleaning especially attractive for men.It is now known that women can have the same pleasure. However, it is often a male affair.

But a high-pressure cleaner doesn’t please everyone. It depends on the type of plaster. According to psychologist Bösendorfer, there are four, two of which are covered in dirt in the garden in spring. On the one hand, there are perfectionists, for whom dirt means stress. On the other hand, it is the worker who specifically evaluates the performance of such devices. Confused and flexible people are not interested in it.

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And then there are people like Klaus Davan. Germans create oversized art by removing dirt with high-pressure cleaners to create figures – currently at a dam in the Horse Mountains. The idea for Art by Art came to him in 1997 after an unsuccessful charcoal drawing. “The charcoal dust collected on the floor and when I tried to remove it with a vacuum cleaner, I realized how well I could paint it,” Davan says. A few years later he switched to high pressure cleaning. “I got it right away.”

His creations now adorn dams around the world – from Japan and South Korea to Luxembourg. In his personal life, he’s less enthusiastic about the high-pressure cleaner. “For me it’s an art tool, I’m not obsessed with cleaning,” he says.

His pictures do not last like a clean terrace. Six years after the last one, they were covered with moss again and disappeared.

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