Wolfgang Bach called it the “chamber actor”.

LH Toskozil: “As a director and renowned actor, Wolfgang Bach took the Koperdorf Castle Games to new heights with great success.”

On June 4, 2024, Mime Wolfgang Bach, director of the Gobersdorf Castle Games, was awarded the professional title of “Chamber Actor” in the State Parliament Chamber in Eisenstadt. “Since taking over as director of the Gobersdorf Castle Games twenty years ago, Wolfgang Bach has led the Bach Festival to new heights, as well as being a celebrated artist. The range of his talents is enormous – whether as a renowned interpreter of Strizzi songs or appearing on important international stages and TV series, he is known for his impressive, “I am pleased to present him with the professional title of ‘Chamber Actor’ on behalf of the Federal President and I heartily congratulate him on this award,” said the Culture Officer, Hans Peter Toskozil, in a tribute to the exceptional artist.

Wolfgang Bach has been directing the Koperdorf Castle Games since October 2003 and regularly plays leading roles in the shows. In “The Alpine King and the Misanthrope” as the master butcher Carl Boker or Mr. His performance as von Rappelkopf is unforgettable. In his first season as director in 2004, he managed to double the viewership. “Wolfgang Böck has succeeded in establishing the Koperdorf Castle Games as an integral part of the Burgenland cultural summer. The capacity utilization of more than 90 percent proves the festival’s popularity and popularity far beyond the borders of Burgenland,” said LH Toskozil.

In his eulogy, Austrian actor and writer Nicolas Höck praised Böck as a humble, quiet person, saying, “He does not like to attract attention off the stage. I find it particularly remarkable that he started out as an HTL student in an actor’s career. Many actors say they enjoyed being on stage as a child. Wolfgang Böck says : It happened to me.” He built the Waldwierdler Hoftheater “out of nothing, like Fitzcarraldo”. “At Gobersdorf he created a space to play freely, to play freely. You can’t expect more from an artistic director.”

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I would like to thank my colleagues, directors and friends who have been with me on my path. Especially with my parents, who supported me even when I was looking for a path to acting as an HDL student. “My mother is very happy about this award, but unfortunately she will not be able to be here today,” Bach said in her words of thanks.

Particularly popular are the annual motorcycle and vintage car rides to the Castle Games, which Böck, an avid biker and vintage car fan, initiated and always accompanies. This year, Peter Tarrini’s “The Servant of Two Masters” based on Carlo Goldoni and directed by Beverly Blankenship – with Wolfgang Bach in a leading role – is on show at the Schlossspiel Koperdorf from July 2nd to July 28th. With this year’s production, Böck celebrates his 20th anniversary as director.

Born in Linz and living in Burgenland, the actor has received many prizes and awards, including the Kines Medal Sponsorship Award (1984) and Scrap Prize (1985/86 season) as “Honorary Keeper” from the Austrian Federation. Criminal Police Officers (2002), twice “Romi” as the star of the most popular series (2005 and 2007), received the award for actor of the German Academy of Performing Arts at the Baden-Baden TV Film Festival (2006, together with Erwin Steinhauer). and Andreas Vitasek) and with the award “Der Dear Augustin” (2011) from the City of Vienna. The state of Burgenland awarded him the State Culture Prize (category “Performing Arts, Film and Video”) in 2010 and the Commander’s Cross in 2023.

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“Wolfgang Bach is a special fortune for the Burgenland cultural landscape, which he played a key role in shaping. I wish him well on his 20th anniversary as festival director and look forward to many more years with him in Koperdorf,” explained LH Toskozil.

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Image Wolfgang Böck Chamber Actor 1: State Governor Hans-Peter Toskozil chamber actor Wolfgang Bach and his wife Burgenland architect Sonja Kremsner and state director of ORF Burgenland Mag in the state parliament meeting room in the Eisenstadt Landhaus

Image Wolfgang Böck Chamber Actor 2, 3: State Governor Hans-Peter Toskozil presents chamber actor Wolfgang Bach with a certificate of appointment.

Image source: Bgl. State media service

Eisenstadt, June 4, 2024

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