Researchers are working on night vision filters for ordinary glasses

Australian researchers have developed a new night vision technology that will allow you to wear light glasses at the same time in the future. Infrared light And visible light Can see. New technology could make night vision technologies more widespread.

Night vision devices It already exists. They are approx Army Used to spy on enemies in thickets at night. Predators Use them to find game in the dark forest. They should not be confused with thermal imaging devices that require no external light source. On the other hand, night vision devices require external light sources that can amplify them.

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Night vision devices range in weight A kilo However, they are often quite heavy and therefore not suitable for everyday use. If night vision technology is shortened, more people can benefit from infrared night vision. A Night vision filterThe Less than a gram The weight can be attached to normal glasses and help the wearer drive more safely at night, for example. For example, you can quickly identify a wild animal or a person approaching on the side of the road.

Converting to electrons and cooling is no longer required

Infrared night vision technologies are currently working Infrared photonsIt is sent through a lens and then strikes a beam of light, which converts these infrared rays into photons. Electrons changed. The electrons must then pass through a so-called Microchannel plate, thereby increasing their numbers. Then they wander through Phosphor disc, which converts them back into photons that can be sensed by our eyes. Complete technology should also be included got cold To be sure Noise effects Blocked in the picture. All these components make night vision devices very large and bulky.

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Australian National University researchers have now discoveredHow to build light weight devices. You have new technology surface Designed to require fewer components than conventional night vision devices and therefore take up much less space: photons must be here Only passed through a single lens As – so-called”resonant metasurface“, where they are mixed with a special jet.

The special surface also makes … The photon energy is increased And the need to convert them into electrons is also eliminated. Another advantage of the new technology is that it … Room temperature No need for jobs and very bulky and large cooling systems.

Overlapping representation

Not only does the new technology allow for smaller devices, it also does something current night vision devices can’t: it can Display infrared vision and normal vision at the same time – i.e. overlap. The researchers believe their invention could be used for more than just night vision devices. Cameras in autonomous vehicles will also benefit from this.

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