Alpinist Buried in an Avalanche in Vorlberg and Resurrected – Gasharn

A 49-year-old German and another national were hit by a snowboard on the way to Piz Buin
© Police

Two German ski tourists, aged 55 and 49, were swept away by an avalanche on their way to Pis Buin on Saturday morning.

The 55-year-old was partially buried and managed to free himself. However, the 49-year-old was completely buried one meter deep and was dug out by his companion and first responders 15 minutes later. The man was unconscious and was successfully resuscitated, police said.

The critically injured alpinist was airlifted to Feldkirch State Hospital by emergency helicopter. The 55-year-old was unharmed and was flown to the valley by the “Libel” police helicopter.

An eyewitness makes an emergency call

An eyewitness had previously accidentally observed the avalanche from the Wiesbaudner cottage and reported it to the cottage landlord. He made an emergency call and sent six cabin guests to the avalanche cone.

Piles of snow swept away tourists

Two Germans climbed from the Partenen on Saturday morning via Axenthal towards Bis Puin. They walked through the moraine below “Green Peak”. At the top of the summer trail, they decided to cross the slope to the left and continue climbing the section of the old hiking trail, it was said.

Just before midday, at about 2,400 meters above sea level, the 49-year-old was the first to pass, followed by a 55-year-old about ten meters behind him. While driving across, the snowmobile carrying the two Germans was released remotely.

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